Wetlands Management

Managing Wetlands Successfully

Wetlands at the Morrow office building at 2040 Street in Redding have been Jeff Morrow’s responsibility for over 25 years. Development of that 4,400 square foot office building involved moving live springs over 60’ while building above and below ground water systems with elevation tolerances of hundreds of an inch, and appropriately facilitate the populating the micro-ecosystems.

The Mt. Shasta development on Alma Street involves water management strategies successfully employed at Morrow’s wetland site office building in Redding. That system successfully operates as designed, requiring minimal upkeep and maintenance.

Ultimately, rock fill combined with properly bedded geo-fabrics create excellent building pads in soggy, unconsolidated soft soils. Hard surface spaces create accumulated run-off, which must be managed to avoid spiking watercourses. Hard surface runoff should be filtered in settling ponds before being sent down its course.

And, for each square foot of wetlands filled for development (whether or not a newly created artifact of abandoned fill operations), one foot of wetland must be created.

Who are the stakeholders in such an effort?

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