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After high school in Redding, the story resumes at the Y-Not Farm in Niwot, Colorado, making sourdough and friends for life. Jeff wants to be a real estate developer, and Uncle Chuck was such a man.

A QUICK CHRONOLOGY:  Jeff moves to Lawrence, Kansas. Soon enough, Jeff owns a college 3.2 bar and bakery/sandwich shop adjacent to the University of Kansas. One thing leads to another, and there are: 7 different stores in three states, husband/wife and two kids, 4 years living in Europe, returning to Redding for the Fountain Fire, building in Redding, become Entrepreneurship Professor Morrow for University of Kansas School of Business, Italian connections, building another building in Redding, leading Kansas solar thermal company with national roll out, a move for Kathy and Jeff back to Redding…

Some of Jeff’s Favorite Things