Morrow Ranch

Morrow Ranch Retreat

There is a curious phenomenon that occurs during the summer up in Round Mountain at the Morrow Ranch. The mountains above the ranch are remnants of the Cascade range, culminating in Chaos Crags, Lassen and Broke Off. Above the ranch is Snow Mountain, aptly named for the…

As summer days heat up the valley, snow melts up on Snow Mountain, bringing cold water crashing down the Cedar Creek canyon. A river of cold air accompanies the water down the canyon, washing over the Morrow Ranch on the way. As the evening cooling rakes root, the increasingly dark sky reveals galaxies, constellations, even crashing burning stars.

The Morrow Ranch is available for all manner of use, and for all levels of users. The ranch can accommodate the family of 14, the church group of 30, the wedding for 250, the corporate 3 day retreat for 10, the women’s sewing circle for 20, the rehearsal dinner for 75, the electric car voyagers seeking a fast charge while staying the night in the guest house…

The guest house is a larger, open room format with ¾ bath with upstairs living area and loft bed, with sleeper couches. A 240 Volt fast charger with universal head is available to charge electric cars. Look for the Morrow Ranch on the Green Electric Highway at

The ranch has a long history of weddings. The regulatory environment is changing. The Morrows are seeking permission from Shasta County to continue to use the ranch for weddings and other events.

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